June 11, 2018

Looking for the story of my nuc bees that swarmed?

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For those of you that saw my post on Instagram and are looking for the story of my nuc bees that swarmed, here is the story in a nutshell. We bought a 4-frame nuc. It had two queens. The day after we installed the nuc into our topbar hive, it swarmed. We lured the swarm into the empty nuc box and then transferred the bees into a Warre hive (which we had to mail order).

Here are links if you want to know more.
Hey, Grampa... the nuc bees swarmed!
A Swarm in May is Worth a Load of Hay
Sad Sunday
Moving the Swarm Into the Warre Hive
Update on the Warre Hive: One Becomes Four


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