February 15, 2018

Seeds For A Stamp 

It's seed catalog season. Big fat catalogs are coming in the mail, filled with page after page of temptation. But after a quick visit to Catalog Choice, I am putting my catalogs in the recycling bin. I'm just not into paying $3 for a packet of more-seeds-than-I-need and shipping on top of that.

Back in the early 90s, there was a seed catalog where you could get a seed sampler for the mere cost of a postage stamp, I think 27¢ back then. For a renter with a tiny corner of the yard in which to garden, it was a terrific way to try many different seeds and not spend a small fortune. I could have a vegetable garden with 4 different veggies for just over a dollar.

I don't remember sending in stamps and getting seeds in return, but I like the idea of it. Even at today's rate for a first class stamp, 50¢, that's a good deal. Even better, though, would be a simple seed exchange. Send me some of your extra seeds, and I'll send you some of mine. The cost for either of us would be the price of stamp. What do you think?

Interested in Seeds For A Stamp? Let's swap seeds through the mail!

I'm seeking seeds for Moon Carrots (Seseli gummiferum), 'Finaud' haricots verts, butterfly pea flowers, and any kind of Poppy. For you, I have seeds for 'Aunt Molly' ground cherries, Toothache plant (really unusual), Petunia exserta (rare) and native flower Rocky Mountain Bee Plant. You can "shop" my seed cache using this Instagram hashtag #SeedsForAStamp

Here's a photo of Kintzley's Ghost Honeysuckle. I've already cold-stratified the seeds for you. You just need to soak them 24 hours and plant them. They have a high germination rate but the plant is not invasive. Not much is here in Colorado. Colorado Springs Utilities has lots more information on growing it: https://www.waterwiseplants.org/find-a-plant/kintzleys-ghost-honeysuckle/

Photo by landscape designer Carla Tews.

Don't have seeds to swap but want some that I have? Send me a SASE with first-class stamp inside for each type you want. #seedsforastamp :)

Leave a comment below or DM me on IG so we can traded addresses. 🌱🌱🌱


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