February 01, 3000

My Colorado Beekeeping Calendar: A sticky post

A Phenological Calendar for Colorado Beekeepers

By undergoing VIT, I successfully reduced my sensitivity to honeybee venom to safe levels! After taking several years off, my interest in beekeeping has not waned, and I'm anxious to restock our hives. I'm just not sure how to proceed since we're still planning to move out of Colorado. Should I restock and run the hives but then give them to someone if we move? Would someone buy fully stocked hives? What about the fact that one's a Top Bar Hive and one's a Warré? Should I run just one, with plans to leave it behind and take the other with? Which one to run? Which one to take? Should I run the one I prefer or the one I won't mind leaving behind? Which one do I prefer?! The mind wobbles.

What about you? What are your plans for this season? If you're in the Denver metro, maybe my bloom calendar will help you think them through. Just keep in mind that the dates can shift a couple of weeks in either direction depending on weather conditions. For example, the excessively warm 2017/2018 winter had elm trees blooming well before Valentine's Day. The snow storm on President's Day, though, cut short its blooming period. You can click on any of the events for more details and additional reading. I hope you find it useful.

Blue = honeybee, yellow = mason bee, green = what's blooming. And don't forget, Marty Hardison's booklet, "The Appropriate Beehive" is available at right. If you like The List he wrote for when to do what for one's bees, please consider making a donation. It'll ensure "The Appropriate Beehive" remains available through this website. I'm working with Marty on an update. I'm challenged by the limits of Google Docs because I can't afford Microsoft Word, but I'm trying to find a solution so we can post it for you ASAP. Until then, may your hives be humming. — BB & HB

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December 19, 2019

Gifts for Beekeepers Under $10, Under $5

Today is THE last day to get your gifts sent in time for Christmas, according to the USPS. Be sure to select Priority Mail service not USPS 1st-class. All orders $35+ ship free but since all of my handcrafted goods are UNDER $10 that could be hard to get to. Just for my bog readers, the code BUZZABOUTBEES will give you 20% off storewide. There's more than these nine items, so be sure to look around in the shop. Several listings also have style options, like twist-up vs glass jar (spoon butter and wood cream) or Ultra vs Honey Bee balm.

In addition to my handmade stuff, I'm also selling off my bee books and other beekeeper-related items like a honeycomb-embossed honey dispenser, all at discounted prices (because we're getting really close to putting the house on the market). Because I'm a cook and a gardener, and a bit of a photographer/geek, too, you'll have to sift through some non-bee stuff.

But head on over to eBay using this link http://bit.ly/backyardbeeebay and remember… choose PRIORITY MAIL if you're buying for Christmas.

Candle-making kit complete with a pound of pure, clean beeswax from Marty Hardison (alone worth the $15 price on eBay).
Thanks for supporting handmade by shopping my Etsy and for providing some gas money by shopping my eBay. Message me with any questions!

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