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BB's my other half. I'm HB. We started beekeeping with a swarm and a Kenyan top bar hive in 2008. After a couple years, we added a Warré hive, a vertical style top bar hive. The hives did well in our small xeriscaped yard in the suburbs of Denver, CO (area code 303). We've had lots of fits and starts, not the least of which was my becoming allergic to beestings!

Beesting allergy is no joke so beekeeping IRL was put on hold while I underwent venom immunotherapy.

All Beekeeping is Local

Not long after completing VIT, the pandemic happened, and we moved with the (empty) hives to Virginia. I've got a lot of restructuring to do, not just with my life but with this website. I'm not even sure the cost to keep the 303beekeeper domain makes sense. Except that this site is where beginner top bar beekeepers often come for Marty Hardison's "The Appropriate Beehive" and building plans for the Hardison Hive.

Though Marty is no longer teaching the craft, he and I are in touch, and I hope to have an updated edition soon. Use the "Subscribe to Posts" button to be the first to learn when it's available. If you request or have already requested access to the existing PDF, I'll send you the new edition when it's available.

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