February 12, 2024

It's Make It Monday! How to craft without buying a single supply.

Did you know you can make customized products on Zazzle? I've toyed with it on and off, don't fully grasp how it works, but have made passive income every year since 2018. For 2023, the sent me a check for $50 which cost me $80 to report on my taxes. But, hey, it's fun and I get to make stuff without buying a single craft supply. So worth it.

What is "passive income" you ask? Bottom line, after your create a design and start selling it, you earn royalties and get paid without having to do anything else. No packaging, no printing packing lists or labels, no trips to the post office. Zazzle does all that for you. 

My Bee Merry, Bee Golden, and customizable beekeeper photo holiday cards are my biggest sellers, but here are a few of my favorite items for the rest of the year. I especially love my pillow, which is a two-sided design that you can get in cotton, poly, or even outdoor material. There's probably a Zazzle-way to flip the pillow, but until I find it you'll have to click though to see the other side. Hope you like it as much as I do!

The thing I like most about Zazzle is being able to transfer a design to another product in mere seconds. Say you like the crowned queen bee design but you want it on a phone case instead. Easy peasy! Just click on "Transfer design to a product" and pick the product you need. Choosing from over 1,000 products is the hard part.

I put together a collection to give you ideas. Have fun!

And here's what I'm getting for Valentine's Day and my Mom is getting for Mother's Day!


Don said...

Wow, that's so cool! We loved the holiday cards we ordered from you. Who knew they were so easy to design! Of course, you have the talent to create the bee in the first place!

HB said...

So glad that you loved the cards, @Don. The high quality aligns with my esthetics, so I need to expand the collection. You're doing a great job at that with Buddha And The Bees and all your wonderful all-natural products!

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