June 11, 2019

The undeniable SweeTart™ smell of Russian Olive trees perfumes the air of early summer.

It's message? It's time to super! Beekeepers, your job is to help your honeybees take advantage of the nectar flow, or what I like to call the "wax flow." For us top bar beekeepers, that means removing the follower board/false back if you haven't already and inserting bars. Warré beekeepers, whether you super or nadir, do it now so your bees can draw out lots of wax honeycombs. Here comes the honey!

Already forming tiny buds and the tell tale tongue (bract), the Linden trees will take all the moisture we've been getting and develop huge canopies of award-winning honey-producing blossoms, hail notwithstanding. It's been a tough June so far, and we have a long way to go before severe weather season is behind us. But stay positive and get your supers on today!


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