December 22, 2014

You don't scare me.

When I saw this on FaceBook the other day, it was true. I LOL'd. Today, not so much. And I'm not laughing.

But here's the thing. Vandalism does. My boss says I oughtta keep another blog, one dedicated to the crazy shit that happens when you live in Suburbia. Without a doubt I have plenty to write about.

Yesterday was the Turn of Days, the start of the new year for bees. With the days getting longer, the bees will encourage their queen to lay eggs again, to be ready for the first nectar flow. Their timing is just about right because the Silver Maples always bloom in late February (although with the buds I'm seeing, mid-February is pretty likely). I've been preparing for the new year, too, researching where I want to get replacement bees from, reviewing all my beekeeping notes... I've been looking forward to bringing the Top Bar Hive back home from the outyard and getting ready to have bees again, despite the fact that I haven't completed my Venom Immunotherapy. But yesterday, the Turn of Days for us began with our doorbell being rung... by a cop.

Our next-door neighbors have apparently moved on to bigger things than marijuana, the gateway, Officer McDonell asserted. He couldn't think of any other reason for their psychotic behavior. It's a long story (for that other blog) and the long story, short, is that I can't trust them to not vandalize a hive the first chance they get.

There's still a post mortem to be done so I still want to retrieve the hive. But I'm kinda stuck at home, keeping an eye on the house in general, because I really am that scared of what my neighbors might do. They claim to be religious but evidently their practice does not include Peace on Earth or Good Will Toward Men. I feel a little sick. And my brain hurts from having to reconfigure the DVR and surveillance cameras (was hoping they'd be used to catch a hive swarming), so Peace Out. I'll post again when I have something bee-ish to write about.

May your hives be humming…


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