March 21, 2013

2013 Workshops at DeLaney Community Farm

File Photo: Beekeeping with a TBH at DeLaney Farm. Photo by A. Brown
Saturday, April 13th
Starting a Hive, Installing Bees, Spring Swarm Management, Inspecting of the Hive
Take a tour of the apiary and the three hive types that are maintained at DeLaney. See how to install a swarm or package, and discuss what to look for when inspecting hives in the spring.

Saturday, May 11th: ??

Saturday, June 15th
Hive Health and inspecting the hives
Learn what a healthy hive looks like, how to keep it that way naturally, and what to do when problems arise.

Saturday, July 27th
Bees & Beekeeping Questions & Discussion Session at DeLaney Community Farm
You've got questions, we've got helpful suggestions! If possible, email questions and topics in advance.

Saturday, August 17th
Hive Harvest Activities at DeLaney Community Farm
Learn how and when to harvest from various hive types at the farm.

Saturday, September 14th
Wax and Hive Winterizing at DeLaney Community Farm
Need ideas on what to do with all that beeswax, in addition to candles? Also, learn how to get your hives ready for the winter.

All beekeeping meetings start at 9:00am in the barn near the pergola. Free for WIC participants, $5 suggested donation from shareholders, $10 suggested donation per person from the public. Limited to 30 people. Visit the DUG-DeLaney site to RSVP for these meetings.

BTW, September is Bee Month at Ekar Farm, another Denver Urban Garden. Watch their site for information on their annual Community Bee-Hive Build.


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