March 29, 2012

Beeswax Blooms

Bloom is a sign that your beeswax is really pure.
As beeswax ages, often a white, powdery substance will appear on the surface. Don't fret, it's not mildew, it's called "bloom" and it's actually a completely natural occurrence and a sign that your beeswax is really pure. It doesn't affect the quality of the candle or the burning of the candle, and most people just leave it alone, feeling that the "bloom" gives the candles an antique or textured appearance. If you want to though, you can just wipe it off gently with a dry cloth, or remove it by heating the candle lightly with a hair dryer. - from

These wax flowers are made from honey cappings that were melted and filtered twice, once in the solar melter and then again into the mold. It will be melted and filtered one more time, and made into candles for Earth Hour.

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