December 20, 2011

Book Review: Plan Bee

by Susan Brackney
It all started with chickens. A familiar beginning to a familiar story. Here we have another accidental beekeeper, telling her story of becoming a beekeeper, weaving in some facts, history and lore, and hoping you, too, find yourself smitten by the honeybee.

Likes: very light reading and the author's fessing up to a multitude of beginner errors. Though I have not tested any, there are some recipes, too.
Dislikes: I'd NEVER make it far on Fear Factor, so it bothers me that people out there think it's perfectly fine to process honey by crushing honeycombs with brood and all. Beginner or not, that's just gross.

BTW, I found Plan Bee for $5 at The Tattered Cover on the bargain bookshelf. Check it out. You just might find a little treasure yourself.


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