October 02, 2011

I Should be Committed. Care to Join Me?

"They're coming to take me away haha."--Napoleon XIV

Had I any idea what is involved in organizing a charity walk from scratch, I'd never have opened my mouth. I've had no time for bees at all, because I found myself elected to the Walkathon Committee. Between work, major projects in the Backyard (a second hive AND new bees are on the way, so stay tuned...) and inventing the wheel, I am ready to be committed ho ho, hee hee, ha ha.

But lookit! All the dain bramage I've gotten from building this blog paid off, and I've set up both a web page for people to sign-up for the walk and a page strictly for fundraising. The walk will benefit the MdDS Foundation, which is working to find a cure for me. In case you don't know, my brain is literally damaged. It happened on a plane flight and now my brain can't tell if I'm moving or the world around me is moving. You'd never know it by looking at me - it's an invisible illness- but I feel like a bobble head doll. It's like having sea legs for weeks and weeks, only for me I have plane brain and it's been 4 years. But that's enough about me.

Through the magic of Google, I found the MdDS Foundation and MdDSers around the world: Great Britain, Sweden, Australia, Canada and more countries than I can list. I even found a couple of MdDSers in the Denver area. So that is how three brain-damaged women came to put together an international charity walk and virtual walk. We hope to work some magic of our own, since there is no cure for MdDS. Yet.

The foundation's slogan is "We Rock!... but We Don't Want To." A groaner, I know. But it gave us the nickname for our walk, the Rock'n Stroll. It's set for October 16 and there is a two-for-one matching donation program in place. For every dollar we raise, an anonymous donor will match it with two more! So we invite you to join us on that day whether you live in Italy, Germany, Turkey or Greece... If you live in the US or Europe, we've even got a cool graphic tee for you. Gratis!

AND... I'm negotiating schwag for Team Challengers. Team Spokane is leading the US, ahead of Team New England. Team UK is bringing up the rear. How about your neck of the woods? Come on... take the challenge.

The big orange button will take you to the sign-up page with all the details.

P.S.: the bold countries are where most of my regular blog readers live. The map below shows where we have cyberwalkers. Pretty neat, don't you think?

View International Walk for MdDS in a larger map


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