June 24, 2011

Mock Orange

Loving the Mockorange
For years, the city has struggled with what to plant at City Center Park. Although not irrigated, the west side is sloped and washes out whenever we get rain. (Generally, when it rains it POURS here.) The various mulches they've tried have invariably ended up all over the walking path surrounding the pond. The mulch is critical to any plants success, though, as we only get 14 inches of rain a year, if that. Like me, the city is on a quest to use only xeriscape plants, and I think they've hit the jackpot with mockoranges. The 5 or 6 shrubs not only are thriving, the bees are loving them!

What's Blooming in the 'hood
LINDENS, yellow sweet clover and alfalfa - oh the honey that must be being made!!
These are some of my favorite perennial pairings going gangbusters right now:
'Hidcote' lavender and foxtail lilies
rocky mountain penstemon and 'Arizona Sun' gaillardia
catmint and jupiter's beard
purple sage and 'Stella d'Oro' daylilies


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