April 01, 2011

BOB in the House

He looks like a fly, doesn't he?
Two days ago, I took the rest of the cocoons out of the fridge to incubate at room temp, per the instructions. Easy enough. I kept checking on the little pill container, listening for scratching and looking for wiggling. For two days, nothing. The umpteenth time I checked, just as we were headed out somewhere, oh my gosh! A bee had hatched inside the container. Hurriedly, we placed the 11 remaining cocoons in their emergence box.

Unfortunately, the little guy flew off. We think we saw him on the pear tree, but it could've been a fly flitting about. The blossoms stink like carrion, so the tree attracts all sorts of pollinators like meat-eating wasps and house flies. Happily, the bumble bees are also attracted to it. This is the first one we've seen this year, and we're assuming this one's a Queen, most likely a Tricolored or Orange-belted Bumble Bee.
Bombus ternarius?


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