May 26, 2008

MdDS Symptom Scale

How do you measure cognitive impairment? When you're confused, how do you answer, "How confused do you feel?" If you're struggling to remember a word (or embarrassingly a person's name when you're speaking to them), how can you possibly assign a number to that? You can't. The measurable symptom, sensation of motion, has been put on a scale, though. I put this information is here because I can never remember if I'm at a 2 or a 3. For the full list of symptoms and scale that goes up to 10, visit

0  No sensation of abnormal motion.

1-2  Sensation of rocking/bobbing/swaying is almost imperceptible. Most often noticed while walking but may also be recognized while sitting, standing or lying down. Can usually perform routine daily functions without the need for rest periods.

3-4  Rocking/bobbing/swaying sensation is almost constant but can function fairly well with occasional rest periods. The sensation of rocking/bobbing/swaying may include the perception of movement along either a horizontal or vertical axis. The floor seems to move when walking (as if walking on a suspension bridge, water bed, or trampoline). Altered balance. Cannot remain standing in a fixed position with eyes closed.

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