November 28, 2008

Bee Leaf

Poor Sweet Bee :(
Yesterday's High: 41
Today's High: 48

She may have been tricked by the sun and caught a chill. Or maybe she couldn't make it back with a broken wing. Whatever the reason, she's conveniently posed (permanently) on this leaf for close examination.

She's sticky with syrup. I'm starting to think feeding them is doing more harm than good. There are dozens of drowned bees in the feeding tray. It's as if they dive into the honey like Daffy Duck in the treasure chests of gold. But once they're coated, that's it. They're doomed.

The girls have carried out some of their ill-fated sisters, probably the ones I flicked out of the tray before despair set in. There are quite a few candied bees on the ground around the hive. Unfortunately, there should be lots more. I'm not sure how hygienic it is to leave them there, but their fallen - and floating - sisters may be the only thing that prevents more bees from drowning. Since we have to open the hive to get the tray out, it's going to have to remain there until a nice warm (60F) day.


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