July 19, 2008

The Drones are Flying!

The only reason I got this shot is that drones are so big, they're slow to take off. Girl bees take off like fighter jets, but drones are more like helicopters. This drone is flapping its wings furiously, and it was actually really loud! I heard when to press the button.

His huge wrap-around eyes will help him see a queen on her mating flight. They will find each other in a DCA (Drone Congregation Area) – BB likens it to a local bar – and mate mid-air.

The drone and the worker are anatomically different, but they share a similar fate. The worker bee has a stinger which, if used, is fatal. The stinger is ripped out of her body. Instead of a stinger, the drone bee has male parts which, if used...

I'm HB, BTW, and he's BB. Together we're BBHB, our blog's call letters.


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