June 17, 2008

Neighbors, Cats and iPods

A few weeks ago, we were watching tv at our neighbors' house. They're both close to 80, so it's a bit like visiting grandma and grandpa. But they're like-minded, still sharp as tacks, and they have cable.

They always bring up the Siamese cats they used to have. I think they (the cats) crossed the Rainbow Bridge forever ago, and Helen and Jim obviously miss them dearly. So I brought my iPod over to show them pictures of our cats. Helen asked if it was a blog.

After telling her a blog was like a diary on the Internet, she asked if we had one. "Oh no," I said. "We're just too private and paranoid to do something like that."

Next scene...

My apologies if the last post is missing (or has extra) images. Three weeks ago, I had no intention to blog, so you'll have to bear with me as I uncover Blogger's features. There are some links (on the right side of this page, for now), and while I promise to not be too preachy, I can't make any promises about the links. The version of the video below that I have on my iPod is a little religious, but I've spared you that with the one embedded here.

Keep in mind that the waggle dance happens inside the hive, completely in the dark.


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