February 16, 2017

Whoop! Silver Maples Are Blooming

As I often do, I dreamt of bees last night. I dreamt of big, fat white larvae. Drone larvae. I dreamt this because it's official. Silver maples are blooming so the beekeeping year has begun!

#macromonday #ifttt
If you have overwintering colonies, then Presidents' Day weekend is the perfect time to find out what your bees need.

Phenology aside, here's a few "If This Then That" statements that guide me.

February 13, 2017

A sticky post

My Beekeeping Calendar

My VIT has not progressed as we would've liked, and I remain very sensitive to honeybee venom. We've decided that the safest thing for me is to take the 2014 2015 2016 season off. I leave you with this calendar to keep busy with. You can click on any of the events for more details and additional reading. I hope you find it helpful. (Blue = honeybee, yellow = mason bee, green = what's blooming.) And don't forget, Marty Hardison's booklet, "The Appropriate Beehive" is available at right. May your hives be humming. — BB & HB
FIRST POSTED 1/30/2014
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