May 01, 2017

9 Inexpensive Gifts for Beekeepers

Now offering USPS 1st-class as a lower-cost shipping option for you. 

I am noticing that I've way underpriced my products in comparison to other makers, so better hurry before I raise prices. In addition to the items shown below, there's more in the shop. Several listings have design options. While you're there, go ahead and favorite the shop and Etsy'll notify you when new items are added. :)

April 26, 2017

Honeycomb Faux-reos

Thrilled that Nordicware regrammed my cookies today!

The recipe I used is Elizabeth LaBau's "Gourmet Homemade Oreos," and it works as-is at altitude. This recipe is about as perfect as it gets! @elabau is definitely my Sugar Hero!