When I worked in restaurant kitchens, I was very protective over my recipes, practically emotional. But here I am, sharing some silver bullets with you. Cooking with honey instead of sugar often means significant changes to a recipe, and I offer to you ones that work, that taste good, and that look good, too. Please treat them, and me, with respect, and use them for personal or charitable purposes only.

All recipes have been adjusted for altitude, and may not work for you in your Backyard.
The recipes assume a fair amount of comfort in the kitchen and are somewhat lacking in detail. Cooking lessons are not what this blog is about.

If you have questions, please leave a comment and I will do my best to help. Having taught at Cook Street School of Fine Cooking for a number of years, if I don't have the answer, I'm sure to know someone who does.

Happy Cooking!

Beekeeper's Marmalade (detailed recipe available as a Google doc)
Carrot Jam based on
Dulce de Leche: Milk and Honey Caramel Sauce
French Vanilla Ice Cream (and Rich Chocolate variation)
Honey Cake
Honey Cheesecake
Peach Cobbler for Two (or More… this recipe scales, easily)
Pear Mostardo
Raspberry Jam
Roasted Strawberry and Balsamic Jam
Smoked Salt and Honey Caramels
Spelt Banana Cake – if you're looking for a Drake's Coffee Cake knock-off, giving up your email for this Cook's Illustrated recipe is worth it.
Strawberry Preserves: A Small-Batch Recipe
Strawberry Syrup: An Even Smaller Small-Batch Recipe
Sweet Honey and Saffron Challah
Tamarisk Honey Crème Brûlée
Vanilla Honey Fudge  

CHEF/GARDENER TIP: Toss sliced pears and apples in honey water to prevent browning before serving, about 2 T. honey to a cup of water. To use as a rooting hormone: dip plant cuttings into the honey-water then pot up as usual.

Turkey Kebabs with Honey-Mustard Sauce
Honey Whole Wheat Bread

Bee Sting Cream
Beeswax & Propolis Soap
Citronella Candles
Honey & Citrus Foot Scrub
Lavender Hand Cream
Lotion Bars
Shea Butter Soap
Spoon Butter

There are also formulas for IPM such as smokeless smoke and "nectar." Just search for the label "formula" and they'll all pop up on one page.

SlowFoodDenver LogoSome random stuff:
Food and Agriculture Organization "booklet" on Value-Added Products from Beekeeping
Dyce Lab for Honey Bee Studies: the standard method for making Creamed Honey is called the Dyce Method.