May 04, 2017

My neighbor pisses me off.

We have a neighbor who is the most generous person he knows. He's always telling us how he never has time to take care of his own business because he's so busy helping out others. But truthfully, he's only giving if the story he tells about it ends with him being the star, albeit only in his own head. He's condescending and very in-your-face, even yelling my name if I'm not looking at him while he talks. And talks. And talks, never listening.

Yesterday he reminded me that he's allergic to bees, while pointing at a wasp nest. I reminded him that I'm allergic to five "bees," and asked if he carried EpiPens.

"Oh, well, one time I got bit on my hand and it swelled up on the one side, then the next day I got bit on the palm and it swelled up on the other side so my hand looked like a basketball."

A basketball.

"I just know if I got bit on the neck, I'd suffocate."

It was then that I realized I shouldn't have offered him my old EpiPens. Besides his scoffing at my offer, he's one-of-those. One of those people who think that mere swelling means you're allergic. I'd much prefer my old EpiPens go to someone who really needs them. I don't have references to give you but there is quite a bit of research that shows expired EpiPens are good to have on hand as they do have some efficacy. Something is definitely better than nothing when you're in anaphylactic shock. I'm half tempted to give him my recalled EpiPens.

Update on Meridian’s Voluntary Worldwide Recall of EpiPen® Auto-Injector
Okay, rant over. I'm heading out to the allergist TTYL.


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