April 10, 2015

Zing Bang! I'm getting an award.

"Veronica: I'm getting an award! Every year the Veridian Charitable Foundation honours someone who's been outstanding and this year they've chosen me. 
Linda Zwordling: For what? 
Veronica: For being outstanding! 
Linda Zwordling: For being outstanding at what? 
Veronica: [pause] I'm getting an award! 
Better Off Ted: "Mess of a Salesman"

I already posted on how the Backyard Bee Hive honey won first place, so I won't repeat myself, but Zing Bang, I'm gettin' an award! When my medal arrives, I'll post a pic on Instagram. [pause] You are following me on Instagram, right?


HB said...

Tomorrow's the big day… our first giveaway!

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